“Our products and bistro make your life better!”

Kim Watt-Senner is an ex-RCMP officer and serial entrepreneur.

After leaving the Police force, she started Everything Organized, a professional organization and cleaning company that she grew to have franchises all across western Canada.

After selling this business she moved to Fraser Lake to retire with her husband and son.

Never one to take time to rest, Kim founded the Rusty Pitchfork Farm Market, a company dedicated to crafting hand-made, all-natural health and wellness products.

It started as a few soap-making workshops for friends and grew from there.

“We chose to change our lifestyle, forego our busy lives as Police Officers and embrace the country lifestyle.  We wanted to do more of what we love and leave behind the crazy hustle and bustle of city life.”

“And we LOVE Fraser Lake…so much so, we decided to invest into our small, yet dynamic community and open a Bistro in addition to opening a store front in town.  Drop in for a lovely hot bevvy, cold drink, sweet treat or light lunch!”

When ICS – Hubspace first started working with Kim through the DER3 program, she had grown to the limits of what her basement production space was capable of handling.

Christmas Market sales were a mainstay of her business and COVID-19 would destroy her ability to sell in person.

She had created a website, but there were still kinks in it that were limiting her sales.

The DER3 team worked with her to clarify her website and business model and prepare for expansion.

Since Christmas of 2020, Kim has made amazing progress with her business.

She moved from her basement into a commercial production space within village limits and grew her business from 3 part-time employees to 4 full-time, 7 part-time staff.

She worked with ICS – Hubspace coaches to prepare her pitch to a number of major retailers and is now in 12 stores throughout western Canada as well as having her lines in Federated Co-Op locations all across Canada.

Through her hard work and dedication, Kim has created a destination for all people in Fraser Lake.

Kim has expanded her storefront to become a small cafe and caterer, a service that Fraser Lake was desperately lacking.

She is still in growth mode and is building a diversified business with multiple income streams that allow her to employ people and give back to the community she has come to love.

If you are in Fraser Lake, BC, check out their location in the Fraser Lake Shopping Center wedged in between the Liquor Store and Integris Credit Union. 

 For online orders and e-gift cards, go to https://www.therustypitchfork.com/

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