Let them help your kids succeed in school!

Ryan and Jocelyn Chowdhry are the founders of a private tutoring business in Prince George and were introduced to ICS – Hubspace through connections at the University of Northern British Columbia.

Ryan and Jocelyn both completed their Bachelors of Education and moved to Prince George to begin their careers.

Ryan supported himself through tutoring while going to university and credits it with how he was able to support himself.

When he completed his degree he thought that there might be something more to this, “there was never a shortage of students who needed help with their classes and I always had a talent for communicating, and I thought, there must be other students out there like me” from this idea, PG Tutors was born.

Ryan’s extensive experience in tutoring, education, math, and physics has led him to develop a strategic and flexible approach to learning. Ryan’s vision is to extend this approach to every student in Prince George and beyond.

Jocelyn’s true passion lies in curriculum development and building fundamental skills to better prepare students for higher education. Jocelyn’s vision is to build a plan for success for every student she comes across.

Through the DER3 program, ICS – Hubspace was able to help the Chowdhrys pay for a portion of their PG Tutors Website and connect them with a marketing coach who has helped them understand how best to promote their business with digital channels.

They were also able to participate in the City of Prince George’s Titans Den competition and were well prepared for their pitch. Although there was strong competition this year and they did not secure any funds, they walked away with connections to an individual who was excited to offer them mentorship. 

Although they are at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, Ryan and Jocelyn are incredibly dedicated and their business shows great promise.

In the coming months, they are very excited to grow and employ more university students and other teachers to serve their clients. Currently, they have 6 (six) tutors listed on their website.

PG Tutors work with all levels of students, from elementary to university, and hope to expand from there into working with employers who want to re-skill their employees and others who are working on shifting careers.

After the DER3 program wound down, ICS – Hubspace has admitted PG Tutors as our newest Venture Accelerator Program client and the team is very excited to help them achieve their goals.


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