Our strategic focus changed in 2020…

… when management determined that because of financial pressures brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic and our commitment to our economic development initiatives, it was not feasible to continue to deliver co-working and lease the location at 1299 Third Avenue.

At the end of September 2020, notice was given to the landlord and co-workers that Hubspace would not continue to manage the co-working space after March 31, 2021.

Seeing the operation of a co-working space as beneficial to the City of Prince George, we passed off the management of the1299 Third Avenue space to Reg Feyer of CFIS-Radio and donated some of its infrastructures so he could continue to offer the space for co-working.

1584 Seventh Avenue

During the winter of 2020, management searched for a new location in Downtown Prince George

Early 2021, the search was successful and new office space was found at 1584 Seventh Avenue.

After a few renovations had been finalized, Hubspace officially opened its doors at the new location on April 1, 2021.

Our new location is more affordable, provides offices for staff and contractors of Hubspace and selected community partners, and a spacious meeting area.

Unit #101 (Hubspace’s unit) features a reception area, 6 individual offices, a kitchenette, storage area, washrooms and a board meeting room.

Unit #102 features a reception area, 5 individual offices, a small kitchen and a washroom.

In the summer of 2021,  we were approached by the Prince George Community Foundation who expressed an interest in co-locating within our new location.

Since June 2021, they have been renting three offices in Unit #102 so that they had access to the front door and signage at Seventh Avenue.

Focusing on what’s most important

As a leader in the North of British Columbia in fostering innovative companies and the innovation ecosystem, we strategically focus on three main areas:


We work directly with technology-centred entrepreneurs to help them start and expand their firms, and directly with all entrepreneurs to help them adopt technology into their ventures.


We enhance the talent available to the innovation community by improving the relevant business-oriented technology skills pool and by participating in talent attraction efforts.


We actively engage with the technology community and tech-related entities through sector and partner entities in Northern British Columbia.

Learn how Hubspace can assist you to scale, explore, and grow by visiting our The Venture Acceleration Program page.